Thursday, 26 April 2018

The number of people today are always followed by economic and social development environment. This gave rise to a new paradigm in the engineering building of an area.
An area is no longer seen as part of the physical architecture of the city but part of series of social, economic and cultural.

Company Profile Through this, we all Staff and Board of Directors of PT. SELIAREKA WIYASA GUNA, would like to introduce myself to both government and private agencies ,
on all Company's scope of services, runway, circumstances and abilities, and experience possessed.

A formidable challenge that requires commitment, struggle, perseverance, and responsive to change by always innovating and creative is an indispensable thing for motivation
a reality that is "profesionalsme in each handler job"

PT.SELIAREKA WIYASA GUNA, founded on a basis of determination and spirit of professionalism to answer all the challenges of development in all fields and provide services contracting, procurement and general trading, sertaperencanaan. PT.SELIAREKA WIYASA GUNA, supported by experienced personnel fields are ready to participate in any professional development activities. With passion, fighting spirit and devotion to participate in development efforts Overall national and sustained, then we expect the introduction This can gain the trust and the opportunity to provide expertise services in various business development

With the information about the company we are, we are ready and bersediaan to welcome any opportunity to realize a variety of opportunities for cooperation that can contribute significantly to every inch of this lovely development in Indonesia.